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"Grieving is the pathway to healing for all of us." -Pastor Carol Silberman, PhD

"Once we are working on forgiving and healing ourselves we can stop blaming others." -Pastor Carol Silberman, PhD @PastorCarolS #WHRR

Healthy Boundaries 101 Lesson #6: I need to learn that if someone is irresponsible in providing for himself--I should not enable his irresponsibility, but rather I should allow him to experience his own pain, and allow him to suffer the consequences of his actions.

"It takes courage to allow yourself to be open and honest about your feelings of intense sorrow and emotional pain." -Pastor Joel Silberman

Self-Honesty Benefit #1: Self-Honesty begins the end of our isolation.

"Things may get worse, but I can get better at handling them." -Pastor Joel Silberman #PastorJoel #WHRR

God is committed to separating us from all the things that are so dysfunctional to us because they rob us of our destiny.

"I am always in conflict when I don't deal with my own attitude." -Pastor Joel Silberman

Self-Honesty Benefit #4: Self-Honesty brings an attitude of self-responsibility, acceptance and forgiveness.