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even tho im not all that crazy for justin, this is an amazingly good quote.

Justin Bieber New Photoshoot Released New Pics!

Listen to new JB song! - 'Perfect Together' - "I know I'm not perfect sometimes.."

TBH this is so true so girls do NOT feel like crap & say ur ugly and stuff. Your beautiful in your own skin. But if you want to lose weight like I do, go ahead. You will feel so much better. I honesty want to have my sisters body, she doesnt have a pefect body & you dont have to have that body.

Justin Bieber, new hair cut ✨ so beautiful #justinbieber #haircut #smile

Justin bieber 2014 oh yes yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy

Justin Bieber~ Thank you for what you have been doing in your life it really really makes me happy<3<3 :) :)

Why does he have to be so hot, because I'm having dreams about him the same one every night and I'm getting really nervous about it

Justin Bieber baby photo