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RED LEATHER by Colin Ruffell One of a new set of prints in my old style. I guess that it is called Naive Art. But I am not really a naive painter. I sometimes paint in the naive style just because I like it. I have just posted RED LEATHER on Artfinder and

TABLE TOP WITH EGG by Colin Ruffell A boiled egg! Ahh yummy. Where would we be without chickens? - I have posted TABLE TOP WITH EGG on Artfinder and

THE DOGES PALACE by Colin Ruffell This is the heart of Venice. St Marks Square and The Doges Palace overlooked by the Campanile. Prints available on and Artfinder

NEW YORK FLAT IRON BUILDING by Colin Ruffell. Another souvenir of our visits to New York is this iconic piece of architecture. I wonder whether youngsters nowadays know what a flat iron is and why the building was called that. I have posted the print on and artfinder

TO THE SEA by Colin Ruffell This is a smaller version of an image that was a previous posting on Artfinder. The edition is only 75 in total with three different sizes available within that edition. More details of choices can be seen on - I have just posted TO THE SEA on Artfinder

CAT AND KEYBOARD by Colin Ruffell. CAT AND KEYBOARD is one of my black cat pictures that feature our ex-cat Trevor. He couldn't play the piano. But then again, neither can I. I have just posted CAT AND KEYBOARD on Artfinder

RIALTO AT NIGHT by Colin Ruffell. Oleographic version of the limited edition print using highlights and texture to create a unique piece. Details on artfinder or