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That's usually the way it goes... and when it doesn't I feel incredibly disloyal to the whole of nerd-core geek-dome.

The best and wittiest Disney comebacks...

The best and wittiest Disney comebacks…

It was funny when Anakin and Obi Wan met because it was like "Hey I'm Anakin I'll cut off your legs and leave you burning I hope we can be friends"

Last post of 2k16 happy new year ~ Phoebe ❤

By Todd Nauck - "A piece of watercolor tribute art in honor of the passing of Carrie Fisher. Her role as Princess Leia has been an inspiration to so many of us. Especially those of us that grew up on the Star Wars movies."

Here's a repost of an edit I made awhile ago inspired by the Hamilton Musical song "Wait For It". #TheHungerGames