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Honeslty, whenever I hear the song "Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, Rory immediately comes to mind.  Why? BECAUSE HE'S LITERALLY LOVED AMY FOR A THOUSAND YEARS AND WILL LOVE HER FOR A THOUSAND MORE! <3

[Rory Williams of Doctor Who, in his Centurion attire, overlaid with the text ‘Time’s New Roman’ in Times New Roman font]

10 Two Sentence Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up Tonight

10 Two Sentence Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up Tonight

Sleep with the light on tonight. View Two Sentence Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up Tonight" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor


Doctor Who/Beauty & the Beast Crossover. One pinner said: "The Beast is a metaphor for how he was left after the Time War rather than how he looked. And Rose healed him.

If you haven’t caught on to the bullet journal trend, uh, what are you waiting for?  Maybe you have not yet heard of a bullet journal, or you’ve seen examples of them, you just aren’t exactly sure what they are. A bullet journal is, essentially, a planner, diary, tracker, and organizer all in one. It can be anything you want it to be, whether it’s full of to-do lists or doodles or habit tracking lists or calendars of reminders or all of those things.

24 Aesthetically Pleasing Bullet Journal Layout Ideas That Will Inspire You

Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card  I know too many people that are Dr Who fans not to pin this

Triple Threat Librarian: Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card - Somewhat involved, but a fun craft idea for a Doctor Who party

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does. <<-- ksc The same here. If you never did you have no heart ☺♥♥

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does. This is one of my favorite scenes and episodes of Doctor Who ever. Van Gogh my favorite artist.

Tiger, Tigger, uncoordinated housecat, grumpy cat aka ways to describe different incarnations of the doctor

A thousand times yes Am I the only one who doesn't like Peter? Matt and David were so cheerful and funny and sweet, and then you have Peter, who's like "I HATE THE WORLD."<---yes but he's better than no more doctors and can be hilarious

"fancy" in England instead of "crush" in America. Using the word "crush" that way just sounds so juvenile.

Google+  Engineering magic!

Funny pictures about This is a tree remover. Oh, and cool pics about This is a tree remover. Also, This is a tree remover photos.

Math functions

Do the math dance, great for algebra, calculus and pre-cal! :) love the idea, but I think my high school students will think I'm pretty strange or crazy…

Too cute

Game of Thrones I swear by the old dogs and the new

David Tennant <3<3 .. He's Like :D .&. All of Us are Like Awwww... CRAP !!! .. I't Not... {{*sniff*}} . [.me.]

He looks so pleased with himself, like, "I just said something clever!also, this is the sweetest thing.