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Solfeggio Harmonics: music for relaxation and healing >> this meditation music uses vibrational tones in specific frequencies to stimulate a healing response from the body

1 hour Pineal Gland Activation with 936Hz Solfeggio Meditation Music - YouTube

Free Download: Spiritual Healing music focusing on unblocking the heart chakras and energising the whole spiritual system. Using tuning fork therapy, binaural beats, natural therapy and music therapy techniques. become a fan on facebook:

★ Solfeggio Frequencies ★ 9 Hr. Solfeggio Scale | Sound Healing Solfeggio frequency 528 HZ accompanying, a multidimensional sound-scape of healing frequencies and symbols. Audio downloads are available for purchase at: www.sourcevibrati... All music tracks are original and the sole property of Source Vibrations...