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Club 31 Womenfrom Club 31 Women

FREE Printable: 21 Questions Your Daughter Really Needs You to Ask Her

So how do you develop a close relationship with your daughter? How do you get to know her heart? Here's how! FREE Printable: 21 Questions Your Daughter Needs You to Ask Her

Because my life is fascinatingfrom Because my life is fascinating

20 Mommy-Daughter Dates

Mommy Daughter Dates

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ~ Martha Graham If I ever have a little girl I want this picture with her!

Growing up is a jungle. Having four daughters, I'm passionate about how young girls today navigate that jungle. We're all familiar with stories of mean girls, cliques, backstabbing, and social media nightmares started by one impulsive picture or post. In a recent article I wrote on teenage depression, the psychiatrist told me about teenagers she sees whose depression got triggered by a single online incident. Peers can cause damage quickly by spreading a rumor or picture through social…

Monica Swansonfrom Monica Swanson

What a Teenage Boy Needs Most from his Mom

I nearly cried reading this. Like she crawled right into my already-spinning-head and stopped all the second-guessing that comes when you're the mother of a teenage boy...What a Teenage Boy Needs Most from his Mom - Monica Swanson

When your kids are pushing your buttons, here are a handful of simple ways to turn things around.