Hope springs

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Modern Family

"Sorry you couldn't come to the wedding. It was no kids." "It's okay. I'll come to your next one." "She means when she's not a kid anymore." "I don't like you." "I'll get over it." -Sal, Lily and Mitchell, Modern Family



“Scott's face :'( when he looks sad, im sad.

Haha he looks like a really irritated kid lol

This man is my hero!

Always do what you love, no matter the compensation. For if you do what God has laid on your heart to do, the compensation will be beyond your comprehension.

i am a higher life form

“ He told me he was confused. I basically told him to go!

Olan Rogers. Haha he's so hilarious!!

The 15 Most Satisfying Things In Everyday Life

Olan Rogers makes me laugh so hard, I cry. And this laugh is beautiful. And so are his dimples.