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1st Grades


  • Melissa Loy

    CCGPS 1st grade Math-

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wizard of oz

120 chart

"Penguin Playtime" / A 3D Shape Review Game

Solid Figures

3D Food Geometry

Worksheets: Shape Dimensions: Solid Figures

1st Grade CCGPS Unit 2 Ben Box for Benjamin Franklin...

CCGPS 1st grade Math-

Extended Text: Lulu and the Brontosaurus -1st Grade ELA CCGPS Unit 3-1st 4.5 Weeks This 45 page bundle contains 8 of 24 tasks for 1st Grade ELA...

K-2 Addition and Subtraction Strategies: use for small group or homework.

Fantastic First Grade Froggies: Data collecting activities

5 W's graphic organizer

5 W's +H

Part Part Whole (Centers!)

"A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing"

parts of a story video + song-- super catchy!

Enjoy these printables of K through 5 Common Core Standards for Reading and Language Arts in kid friendly terms

Place Value Top It which is played much like war. Includes base-10 cards and directions.

Base Ten: Magnet strip glued on popsicle stick

Place Value Clues