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52 Healthy Recipe Makeovers

They dont call it comfort food for nothing. Whether its savory meatloaf, a sweet pudding, or warm apple pie, this type of food triggers feelings of cozy goodness that cant be matched by more sophisticated dishes.
  • Karen Pivonka

    25 Amazing Apple Recipes Classic Apple Pie Almost better than mom’s! At less than 300 calories per slice, this delicious take on classic apple pie cuts the sugar and lets the fresh flavors of sweet, tart apples shine.

  • Kimberly Perry Mallow

    52 Healthy Recipe Makeovers from

  • Claudia Johnson

    The Best and Worst Picnic Foods

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Surprisingly Light Apple Pie Whip up this versatile version with Winesap, Northern Spy, Golden Delicious, or Braeburn apples. Or use a combination of a few of your favorites to give a better texture to your filling. The result? A slice that's 155 calories lighter than traditional pies!

ApplePie ... by Berta..., via Flickr

ApplePies ... by Berta..., via Flickr

Apple Pie Caramel Apple - These are the BEST caramel applies. I LOVE the white chocolate over the caramel and the cinnamon sugar is the perfect finishing touch!!! I love using a pink lady apple or a honeycrisp - their juicy crunch with just a little tartness is perfect!

Tonedandfit blog, has amaizing healthy recipes for clean eating. Amanda Miarecki

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Healthy recipes guys love. But for real forget the guys some of these recipes sound delicious for everyone.