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JenniJune, Pediatric Sleep, Baby Care & Prep Specialist, and mother of four, will coach you through it at Rosie Pope in Santa Monica for Club MomMe! Get your tickets before they sell out! Here's where you can sign up:

Many babies when sick or teething regress with sleep. Some sleep trained babies somehow find their way into the parent’s bed. Some babies held to sleep, some fed to sleep. All these parents were desperate for a fix, exhausted & running out of ideas. So what do you do about the sleep? Parents worry most when they’ve been through sleep training, concerned it will be at least as hard again. Read my strategies for getting sleep back on track…

This is for all you moms in the Toronto area! A fun, informative, and interactive afternoon with talks by four experts on topics that matter to today’s busy mothers and their children. Half-way through the event we will treat you to some tasty and healthy sample snacks prepared by our nutritionist, and you can browse through some vendor tables and get additional tips.

How does baby sleep come undone? This is something I get asked about an awful lot. Click to read 11 common ones I come across

Dummies and baby sleep is quite a contentious issue as the decision to finally admit that they are not helping baby sleep is a tough one. To be clear I do not love or hate the dummy/pacifier. In this blog I explore what they're useful for and when they're not helpful. Click to read more.

Mum of 6 month baby: ".. where do I begin .. After I spoke to you that afternoon, I was a little apprehensive to say the least about starting sleep training. As we discussed I was feeding Luca at least 2 times per night if not up to 4 times. The thought of him sleeping through & not feeding him seemed unachievable, however I was going to give it a go as Luca was already eating 3 meals a day & I was sure he just wanted to be comforted by me and was not actually hungry .."

I can count on 1 hand how many children I sleep trained in the UK. Fast forward to Australia 13 yrs later & I do way too much sleep training. No baby sleep promotion & told to hold/feed babies to sleep & 'Do what you have to do' - a treatment model of health. Contrast with the gentle 'Baby Sleep Learning' where there's little or no crying, healthy sleep habits are promoted early & no need to do sleep training. At all. Ever. Read my blog on this preventative health model.

Does your baby sleep soundly? No? Let me help.

Meet our latest, IACSC Member, Cheryl Fingleson, Founder of The Sleep Coach,, Sidney, AUSTRALIA