Move of the Day: The Skaters

This plyometric exercise strengthens your legs and glutes, while keeping your heart-rate up for a cardio boost.
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Not only does this routine target multiple muscles, but it also gives your metabolism a boost (since your body's in constant motion). Choose a move for each part of your body (upper, lower, and core) and do five sets twice a week. To get the best results, be sure to challenge yourself (you'll know you are if you're barely able to finish the reps) |

Toe Taps: Begin standing with a medicine ball or rubber playground ball in front of you. Tap your right foot on ball (shown), then do the same with your left foot. Continue alternating at a fast pace for 30 seconds |

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Well, get ready to get lean by catching some air! Called plyometrics, this hot breed of cardio is an addictive way to incinerate fat fast. "Plyometrics burns the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time while toning the body from head to toe," reveals trainer Roya Siroospour, creator of Explosive 30, a new Crunch/Miami plyometrics class |

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Budding interest: Tug the back drawcord on the blousy Adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Floral Jacket ($190; to cinch the waist—and show off your toned shape. |

A favorite fitness class - If your friend or partner is a Soul Cycle disciple or a barre babe, then they’ll be beyond psyched to get a few classes for free. Buy a few for yourself and go together—that way you’ll bond while you sweat it out. And Health teamed up with Pure Barre to offer free classes this Valentine’s Day. |

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How to Burn Off 24 Holiday Foods: Try these inventive (and fun!) ways to work off that sweet potato casserole. The exercise cost of holiday foods. This year, prepare for 6 weeks of temptation by familiarizing yourself with just how much activity you'd need to burn off your favorite foods. |

This year, prepare for 6 weeks of temptation by familiarizing yourself with just how much activity you'd need to burn off your favorite foods. Try these inventive (and fun!) ways to work off that sweet potato casserole. |

Have fun while burning some serious fat! Do this jump rope workout routine a few times a week for a fit and toned body. |

Use a jump rope to lose weight. This twisting jump cardio exercise works your obliques, legs and abs

Side-to-Side |

Break out your pom-poms and favorite team jersey for this video. The Cheerleader is a workout move that builds lower body strength and stamina. For added difficulty and muscle toning, increase the pace or hold a 3-pound dumbbell in each hand. |

Paso arms (A) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms overhead, forming an oval shape, fingertips touching. (B) Step your right foot forward and to the left; at the same time, sweep your right arm down in a semi-circle toward your left hip. Step back and return arms to original position, then repeat on opposite side; that’s one rep. |

Jumping rope Burns 340 calories in 30 minutes You knew this workout had to be high on the list. After all, it’s one of pro boxers' favorite ways to train. To get the most from each jump, use a rope with handles that reach to just under your armpits when you stand on the middle of it, and follow these top-form tips: Jump with your feet slightly apart and body upright, and keep your jumps low to the ground. Don’t have a rope? You’ll get the same benefits by doing the movements rope-free. |