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Jillian Michaels demos one of the toughest moves we've ever tried for OBLIQUES: the leg kick into single leg pike press. How many can you do? |


Tone Your Entire Body With This 1 Move

The Only Move You Need to Tone Your Entire Body


Jillian Michaels' Top 5 Shape-Up Moves

Jillian Michael's 5 must do moves

5 Moves for Strong, Sexy Shoulders - Look amazing in tanks and tees this spring with Teresa Anthony’s shoulder-shaping routine

POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

5 Moves to Work Your Core

5 "love handle killers"


The Secret to Beating Your Saddlebags For Good

Plank Booty Leg Lifts

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Get on the Fast Track to Fit

Swap your regular #squat for Jillian Michaels' Goblet Squat—it's killer!


Top 6 Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Top 6 Exercises to Tone Your Arms... good little arm workout, just tried this one... c

POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

5 Moves to Work Your Core

What are core exercises? Core exercises are important for those who want to live in fitness world and wish to have six pack abs. Work out of the bodys core, which is the area that includes abs, trunk and pelvis. This exercise is important to stabilizing and balancing. #body-body-body

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Side Plank with Alternating Leg Raise

Jillian Michaels Workout: 4 Amazing Abs Exercises


Jillian Michaels' Calorie-Burning Workout

#JILLIAN MICHAELS shows how a plank should be done |

Wall Plank Knee Tucks - this is a great overall body fitness move. Targets mostly upper body and core.

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25 Exercises You Should Be Doing If You Want a Stronger, Firmer Butt

Tone Your Glutes and Core With These Awesome Exercises! It's harder than it looks, but within a few weeks, you'll feel a difference in your strength and muscle tone. Start with holding the position for 3-5 breaths on each side. Repeat this 2-4 times and increase when you're ready. #workout #loseweight #newleafdetoxresort

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Tone Your Trouble Zones

Stop Muffin Top: Rockette Plank


20 Ways to Do a Plank

Plank variations to get flatter abs and a stronger core.