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  • Jennifer Ford

    I can't wait until I can go horseback riding again!!!!!!!! :-)) Maybe one day I will have my own horse! ;-))

  • Chloe Tetreault

    I will never forget the Maplewood equestrian centre horse... They are amazing and all awesome to ride (other than Porter)

  • Cass Socie

    Desperato will always be in my heart. I will never forget him. He was like a best friend in a horse body. I love you Dezzie <3 ill see you soon enough 😏

  • Kayli Littiken

    Flicka. My favorite animal movie of all time!

  • Stephanie Justice

    oh my gosh is this flicka of the ovie it made me cry its so good horses are and always e my favorite

  • Lea Penick

    #country #girl #horses #love

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