this is hilarious

Modern Family. Gloria to Lily: let me fix your hair. Cam: I didn't realize her hair was broken.

Modern Family humor. Phil is my favorite! I was JUST telling someone about this clip! Modern Family has truly changed my life!

one of my favorite characters ever.


Modern Family | 24 Examples Of Infinite Wisdom From Movie And TV Dads

part of me just died...

love me some modern family

Modern Family....=D

hahaha she's so cute

My FAVORITE Modern Family quote, ever. Except for the fact that Luke asked not Alex

Funny Modern Family

I am crying! Some of these are hilarious!

A full directory of Stefon’s favorite clubs. (This post has EVERYTHING.)

Modern Family

2 broke girls, Hilarious! and props to Kat Dennings for rocking her big hair and big rack!! LOve them!

Modern Family season 4. This quote never gets old.

Modern Family

Just Phil

Will Smith's family's reaction to Miley Cyrus's VMA's performance....priceless! Haha

TV & movie tidbits Modern Family