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STRESS - relief 😊

STRESS - relief 😊

To fling my arms wide in the face of the sun . . . ~Langston Hughes "Dream Variations"

Learn how simple yoga breathing exercises can calm you instantly! Rediscover how to breathe right to gain vitality and other health benefits.

7 Ways to Find Peace in a Crazy, Awful Moment—Whatever it is you're worrying about or stressing over can wait: Give us a few minutes and we'll help you fill them with a soul-recharging respite from everything that's got you frazzled.

7 Ways to Find Peace in a Crazy, Awful Moment

Spiritual teachers explain how to reopen your life to joy—even if you're still hurt inside.

cliffjumper | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

life pauses and you can almost feel the exhilaration of this cliff jumper, shot by eyebex (via Action Sports Photography)

I wanna take a picture like this. well technically i want someone else to take a pic of my like this lol

She felt increasingly profound. The darkness attracted her. She felt hands on her body and those pull her deeper into the water.

“As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings.”  ~Dalai Lam

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Kind of like a step by step DIY on cliff diving  #Gulfcoastwebnet

Cliff Diving, Negril, Jamaica - One of the most beautiful Beaches in the world! And don't miss out on the Cliff Diving at Rick's Cafe! Night life is pretty awesome too!


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