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Recycled soda bottles used as vases for Lucky Bamboo stalks...Cute way to display Lucky Bamboo in your shop!

Using a summer planter for lucky bamboo. Pretty inexpensive idea!

Lucky Bamboo Centerpiece. Would be much cuter with Lucky Bamboo that has some growth on it.

Lucky Bamboo Heart Arrangement in Green Faux Vase. Makes a great gift!

Light bulbs as window planters with Lucky Bamboo

Recycled a huge margarita glass into a beta fish bowl. Just add decorative glass stones and lucky bamboo for a finishing touch! The perfect "pet" in a florist shop!

How to Repot a Lucky Bamboo Plant: Use Jelly Balls, Orbeez or Crystal Mud

Candle holders with a clear vase inside with lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo with water marbles doing next time i have lucky bamboo

Live Spiral 3 Style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement with Orchid... How pretty is THAT?!

Lucky Bamboo - Rectangle Vase - Black

Cute way to display heart shaped Lucky Bamboo!

Today's project: Found vase, added pebbles and lucky bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Natural Glass

Indoor rock garden - with lucky bamboo and fountain. Cool idea for a florist shop!

The gifts for our ACS Hope Lodge volunteer appreciation event: Lucky bamboo because we are lucky to have them!

Lucky Bamboo always brings peace and calm to environments

Christina ♥ Jon: More Lucky Bamboo Ideas

Lucky bamboo plant

Great tips on care for Lucky Bamboo

Pretty way to display Lucky Bamboo in your shop!

Kind of cool to mix the curly with the straight Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo display

I like the black rocks!

Lucky Bamboo