Meguro River in Tokyo


White Snow and Red Berries


Reflected water colors

Oneonta Creek, Columbia River Gorge, OR

Japanese Cherry Blossom Garden. Can't wait to see this in person!!

emerging spring beauty

Cherry Blossom, Meguro River, Tokyo, Japan | by Cory.Lum on Flickr

White Clover Seed, remember this growing wild in Kentucky all over the place. Ah, the memories!



The river of flowers. Keukhenhof - Holland

Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River

Spring Walk

Jacek Irzykowsk (I love the lighting in this picture! The water seems to glow. It breaths with magic and sucks you in like a portal.)

Cherry Blossoms

Tokyo Tower,Japan | Most Beautiful Pages

Serra da Estrela, Portugal...So peaceful.

Gokayama, Toyama, Japan

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland Photoshopped, I know, but a beautiful place even without purple trees!