wowzers. I wish I had something like this!!!

Amazing shower!

Oh my word! I love this kitchen.

these are awesome!

This is AMAZING!

Some awesome ideas

Refrigerator Armoire. Love this! gav0816

Center Island fridge, for fruits and veggies. I like this idea, there's never enough room for fruits and veggies in the fridge.

Doors on the stairs to keep the noise down, heat down, and/or pets on one side or the other.

Absolutely love

vintage stove for my vintage kitchen in one of out many houses "when we win the lottery" ;-)

15 Little Clever ideas to improve your kitchen 5

kitchen cabinets. how awesome would this be. I love it when space is used so efficiently! Who says you have to have a huge house? It's all in how you use the space you have.

This is for you bug lol..........This built in kennel would come in handy! AND its pretty.

dream garden kitchen!

Hidden TV behind the picture frame, clever because typically I dislike a tv in bedroom... Hidden away, great for sick days, recovery from surgery, or cozy weekend mornings!!!!

This Is A $40,000 Fridge

library ladder in a kitchen -- how practical and beautiful!

awesome... this is friggin brilliant !!!

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Customized Drawers