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Just think when you look in the mirror you see a weak defenseless person, but what God sees is a strong prepared person, it's time you start seeing that person in your self see what you can be not what you can't be. thru God all things are possible.

Incredible Illustration  By: ©Nick Boney and @timflachphotography  _ Follow @artistiq_help & @artistiq_feature

Incredible Illustration By: ©Nick Boney and @timflachphotography _ Follow @artistiq_help & @artistiq_feature

Pattern: Cat's Whisper. Item type: diamond painting. DIY painting, ingenuity, to do the painting with resin sequins,resin sequins unique luster is dazzling,shining in the light,is currently most popular DIY decorations. | eBay!

Love this 🐱🐯 by @timflachphotography - @dailyartistiq

Love this 🐱🐯 by @timflachphotography - @dailyartistiq

I had the most amazing time tonight just listening to you talk. Your love for me amazes me. It has to be from God I feel. I had so much to tell you but it was way more fun hearing how you have grown. I'm taking care of myself, God has brought me so far an

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