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I Carry YOUR Amazing Heart Everywhere!!! YOU have me being a kinder, gentler more giving than I ever was Before!! YOU were sent to Me God! No Other Explanation! I won't listen anything different! Baby I Love YOU So MUCH! I that day work is extremely enjoyable, productive, peaceful YOU TRULY laugh and smile throughout it ALL!! Baby I Love YOU Completely & Miss YOU like CRAZY!! Know that ALWAYS thinking of YOU!!

U don't have to find him he can come to you they best men come when you're not looking out of nowhere at least for me he came out of nowhere @Aaron Hawkins

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The couples that are "*Meant To Be*" are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before. ((This is true... Not going anywhere. BJD♥KJD))

Oh yes and baby u do so much like flowers on the table for me all the time. The charm bracelet that each charm represents our love and memories. The soft kisses on my face throughout the night. Ur cuddling during family movie night. Ur watching me take a shower. U playing in my hair to make me fall asleep in ur arms. Ur texting me thought the day saying I love u and hey beautiful. Ur wonderful sweet big smile when I walk in from work. And ur love for my kids above all