Cork board on the inside of your cupboards for recipes or little notes. This makes a lot of sense!

Cork board on the inside of a cabinet - genius!

Easy Kitchen Organizer Tip Repurposed Magazine Rack Those long boxes fit perfectly inside of a magazine rack! Attach one to the inside of a kitchen cupboard door to keep them hidden but easily accessible. This metal one is perfect because you could drill short screws through the already existing holes. Add/Follow ME!!!! I always post Awesomeness! ✔Like ✔Comment ✔Share ✔Tag

These shoe organizers are great for ANY door or cabinet. You can hang them in the laundry room for cleaning supplies or the kids bedroom to organize toys. Also perfect in the craft room for yarn, fabric, or other craft items. You could even hang one inside your shower to store bath supplies (just make sure there is a way for water to drain out of the pockets).

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Aluminum Foil as Fixture Protector. The foil molds to the shape of whatever it's covering and stays firmly in place until the job is complete.

DIY garden path. Use a multi picture frame to do this! OH My gosh. This is genius!!!

Mount a magazine rack to hold cutting boards.

AirStone (found only at Lowe's) as an accent added to bathtub/back splash/fireplace... you name it. This stuff is amazing!

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Goodbye ugly metal filing cabinet - hello filing cabinet disguised as a bench! Great home office idea.

I like the chalk board inside. Good idea for grocery list. Could do a white board instead.

pan organization!

Measuring Cups inside Cabinet Door. No more messy drawers!

12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips | Cork board inside of kitchen cabinets to pin recipes and hooks for measuring spoons.

shelf above washer dryer to keep items from falling behind. Cabinet in corner and curtain rod for hanging clothes that don't go in dryer

Great idea to hold menus, coupons, loose papers inside a cabinet door....really-how have I not thought of this before???

Great Home & Yard Idea's

Fabulous menu board idea

What a great idea!