frozen banana bites

Dessert Frozen chocolate-peanut butter banana bites: 2 large bananas to cup vegan chocolate chips to cup natural peanut butter Unsweetened coconut flakes

Frozen bananas with peanut butter and chocolate covered. YUM!!

Banana and peanut butter dipped in chocolate - then frozen! sara_parr Banana and peanut butter dipped in chocolate - then frozen! Banana and peanut butter dipped in chocolate - then frozen!

snacks for kids

25 Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids

I love this idea for "apple cookies" Perfect snack food! Apple cookies make the perfect snack: Crisp juicy apple slices, smothered with nut butter, then topped with shredded coconut, walnuts and chocolate chips.

Frozen peanut butter banana bites! Low Calorie (160 per 7 bites)! great healthy snack. Try this! Best diet for weight loss

Frozen Banana Nibblers: There are few combinations dreamier than banana and peanut butter. Frozen peanut butter banana nibblers are the perfect sweet treat for after dinner or before a workout. Would be good with Nutella instead of peanut butter

apple slices - the website has lots of other great little dessert ideas.

Candy Bar Caramel Apples

Candy Apples make me think of fall - Dipped apple slices, not an entire apple - much easier to eat!great alternative to a giant candied apple!

Salted Caramel Pretzel chocolate covered, caramel filled pretzels  YUM! (maybe skip the salt at the end)

Like Christmas Crack! Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark: bag of mini pretzel twists- 2 sticks of butter- 1 cup of brown sugar- 1 bag of chocolate chips or almond bark Sea salt or table salt.

This is like a fancy #carmel #apple without having to get your face sticky.

Apple Nachos

Apple nachos with peanut butter, almonds, pecans, unsweetened coconut, and chocolate chips from Manifest Vegan. What a brilliant and healthy dessert!

Fried honey banana!!! Coconut oil, bananas, cinnamon, and honey mmmmmm

Fried Bananas with Honey and Cinnamon Sugar

Fried bananas, honey and cinnamon! Spray skillet w/coconut oil, add 1 sliced banana, fry on both sides. Add honey mixed w/TBS of water and cinnamon(to your taste) over top of bananas.

These Healthy Almond Butter Banana Wraps make the perfect real food, clean-eating lunch or snack.

Sweet Almond Oil (Pure, Cold Pressed, Paraben & Hexane Free)

With a light velvety texture.a unique mixture of skin repairing vitamins and minerals, our Pure Sweet Almond Oil is a cold pressed, all-natural, paraben

S'more Crack Dip

Weight Watchers Butterfinger Dessert

Who needs a campfire to make s'mores? Now it's in dippable form. S'more Crack Dip 1 cup of milk chocolate chips 2 tbs of milk 1 cups mini marshmallows Graham crackers for dipping