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i want chunky flowers and doodads on my nails now. lol i like it but it is not practical...I wonder if the flowers are made of fimo.

3D nail art - beautiful - impractical but beautiful....

Will you wear 3D nails

3D nail art .. wtf how are you supposed to wipe your hiney!!

3D nail art wouldn't have it on every nail but it's pretty

Nordstrom 'Triangle Studs' 3D Nail Art | Nordstrom

99458_acrylic+bridal+v+lace+with+bows+186.jpg 591×777 pixels

So I see that this picture came from a folder called "what men like". What planet do these men come from? So later today or tomorrow, I am going to put this picture on my FB wall and see what the men think of these gaudy nails.

3D nail art.... thumb nail is cute