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Wrap up twenty-five Christmas children's books and put them under the tree with a special Christmas quilt or blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, your kid chooses one book to open and read together until Christmas. - Great idea! I'd love to do this with books about different holiday traditions around the world. - I like how she suggests to start with the 12 Days of Christmas the first year then move up to 25 the might be hard to buy 25 books in just a couple months.

Saw off a piece of the Christmas tree each year to make an ornament.. I LOVE this idea.. wish I had thought of it YEARS ago! :)

Handmade wish spool I could do each year for the girls and look back at years what they asked for even me and j

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3 Fun and Unique Gift Exchange Ideas

Dice Gift Exchange game- fun idea to do something a little different this year! One of my favorite Christmas party games and a great Christmas activity for kids!

Time Capsule Ornament: This would be a really fun tradition to continue doing every year. you could open the last year time capsule and read together with your child the things you wrote down about them a year ago, "Remember last year when you could only count to 20 and you cried every time we washed your hair in the bath?"

May have each one of my brothers decorate their own and hang it on the tree this year. Cool idea.

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