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    thread rack

    DIY Thread Storage Rack (YES! This is what I need, just make the strips short enough to fit in my drawer or use a piece of wood the size of my drawer)

    Thread Rack tutorial- This is what she wrote, "I used to have a thread spool holder that I bought at an estate sale – it was small and didn’t hold all that I wanted/needed it to. I looked into buying a holder, but you know how “thrify” I am – I didn’t want to waste valueable crafting funds on a boring thread holder. …"

    A fellow crafter posted this picture in a group showing off their rooms for inspiration. A shelf for thread using drawer slides, thin screws and a peg board as a template for the screws. I love it! I plan on implementing this idea with my existing desk. Keeps thread close, not as dusty with hanging on the wall! I will post my shelf when we get it done this week!

    This ironing surface is more functional than your average ironing board.

    Great thread storage.

    simple tricks to organize the chaos // craft room peg board

    Now that's a thread storage SOLUTION!

    Note to self: Invest in a pegboard. My life will obviously become automatically more organized. Found via some organization tips from here: www.soapdelinews....

    June Tailor Mini-Mega-Rak II Thread Rack. Nice to know this is out there... for when 1) I have a craft room 2) relearn how to use my sewing machine for more than just a straight line

    Wish I knew someone to make this for me.

    T. in the Burg: Search results for thread catcher : cute pattern for making a thread catcher and pin cushion combo

    Good idea for thread

    Best Thread Rack EVER

    Painted peg board. Craft room, laundry room, mud room. Hang your tools, gadgets, shelves. make it a coat rack, baskets for hats & gloves hanging on it.

    DIY Thread Storage Rack - FYNES DESIGNS

    Perfect. She used two shelves from one of those wire shelving units and zip tied empty thread spools in all four corners and the middle.

    More pegboard organization ideas

    "What a great idea." Oh yea! Show me all the colors of thread! Is that all cotton? Ooh baby that's what I like! Organise it just like that! (Yes, to those that do not understand crafters and our obsession with any fabric,yarn,paint,wood,etc store it's because it's our version of porn only we're not ashamed and we can touch our lovelies without getting kicked out or having a restraining order put out on us! ;)

    Unique and cute thread spool candles from The Shopping Bag

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