Framed pinecones

Gift Wrapping Ideas: For an elegant and natural gift, tie pine cones, small branches and other items from nature on with raffia ribbon. Using brown paper bags with the writing on the inside, tissue paper and other re-purposed papers, will make your gift eco-friendly.

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Pine cones look nice on a vase with or without paint/glitter. However, when using pine cones in your decor, you should make sure you "bake the critters out" first. Here's how.. :)

How to make a pinecone tree



Cute table decorations Time to start gathering pinecones!

Conjunto de Cuatro, Sparkeling Oro Pine Cone Ornamento con bayas rojas, pino y una suspensión arco rojo:


Pine cone wreath

Pine cone christmas trees...


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How to make cinnamon scented pine cones for fall!- The prep alone will make your house smell like a dream!

cone wreath