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Evelyn “Jackie” Bross (left) and Catherine Barscz (right) at the Racine Avenue Police Station, Chicago, June 5, 1943. In 1943 Evelyn “Jackie” Bross, was arrested on her way home from work for violating Chicago’s cross-dressing and public indecency ordinance. Bross, 19yrs at the time, was a machinist at a WWII defense plant. Chicago outlawed cross-dressing as early as 1851

lesbian, Maude Adams (1872-1953) American stage actress.

lesbian, lesbians, nostalgica, vintage, drag king, women's history, belle epoque, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950

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How to Photograph the Night Sky (Corina's Corner)

One of my favorite things to photograph is the night sky. I am always looking for excuses to escape the city lights and stay up late to take pictures of the stars. I am continually trying to improve m

Neo-Edwardian subculture...While Teddy Boys had a "uniform" of drainpipe trousers and long, drape jackets, Teddy Girls wore a variety of styles, usually with a subtle but distinctive Edwardian influence. Often they wore mannish suits, including drape jackets, shirts with high (or wing) collars and black velvet ties, even jeans.A few young women wore their hair in short, mannish haircuts, which was then extremely unusual among women of any age.