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  • Ellen Brandenburg

    Here’s What a Christian New York Times Reporter Has to Say About Bias in the Newsroom

  • Stephanie M. White

    Pakistani doctor who helped get Bin Laden was denied asylum in U.S. - Tea Party Command Center HOW HORRIBLE! HE PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE AND WE LEFT HIM THERE TO DIE!

  • Londie Ovadya

    Creating Great Content for Content Marketing: Don’t Overthink It See more at

  • The Lyme Disease Blog

    Silent protest to be held at The New York Times' building in New York - The Lyme Disease Blog | Lyme Disease News & Information

  • Annie Gabriel

    03-25-14 New York Times’ Risen Calls Obama Administration “The Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom” In A Generation ~ I recently wrote a column on the wholesale attack on press freedoms under Pres Obama that parallel his attack on other civil liberties and privacy principles. I testified on the erosion of press freedom under Pres George W. Bush BUT THE ASSAULT ON THE FREE PRESS HAS WORSENED UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA while DEMOCRATIC MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS remain CONSPICUOUSLY SILENT. -See article, links

  • Pamela Kohler

    The New York Times; Sunday Times Book Review!!

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