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The Daily Mealfrom The Daily Meal

Visitor to North Korea Describes ‘the Worst Food I’ve Ever Had in My Life’

That figures....shitty food served in a shitty place


Herbal Supplements Are Often Not What They Seem

Come on! When is there going to be an article that says this shit actually works and is good for you as opposed to the usual "Ha sucker! You are getting ripped off"?

NBC Newsfrom NBC News

Hundreds of Foods in U.S. Contain Hazardous Chemical: Report

What's next? Rat shit in my cereal?


Study: Vitamin E may help Alzheimer's patients

They forgot to mention that masturbating daily may improve your eyesight!


Report: Cheap food makes us fat -

If you didn't already know this, you must be an asshole


Medical journal: 'Case closed' against vitamin pills

Whatever pal, I'm still taking my vitamins because someone named Hulk once told me to


Coffee may reduce risk for type 2 diabetes

Rejoice! yet another reason to spend even more money on the already over-priced beverage of choice to just about everyone