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    Instagram Food Pics - Looking at these might actually make your appetite decrease.

    That figures....shitty food served in a shitty place

    What's next? Rat shit in my cereal?

    They forgot to mention that masturbating daily may improve your eyesight!

    If you didn't already know this, you must be an asshole

    Bottom line, just do cocaine. You will get more enjoyment AND lose weight in the process

    Whatever assholes, wine is good for you, even in large quantities!

    Hey Fatties! Don't forget to eat up, and remember to contact me for a session when you can't button your pants

    Hey good news....Drink up and live longer!

    If LinkedIn skill endorsements were honest, they would look like this...

    Did you miss out on your burrito yesterday?

    Scary a burger-get paralyzed

    Interesting body fact

    Little girl reunited with her favorite toy via the power of Twitter

    What people sound like when they use #hashtags for everything - Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake.

    Social Media explained with Donuts

    Was your city designed around people or cars?

    Jay-Z most named dropped product #infographic

    Step inside a Russian home built completely upside down...

    Is this the most cringe worthy round-robin ever?

    Every outfit that Walter White has every worn #breakingbad