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  • Ai-Lin Kee

    Soft drink brand Sprite is compared to popular sweets Skittles in this re-worked version of their logo, created as part of the 'honest slogans' craze

  • Project Casting

    $2,500 Sprint Print Ad Casting Call for Miami Beach Models and Talent

  • Doug Jenkins

    Hangover Cure? - Chinese scientists say Sprite can cure hangovers. I was always a fan of the greesy food remedy myself...

  • Team Healthy You

    Seeking a cure for the hangover? Scientists say, 'Sprite'!! Still struggling with losing weight?? Contact us - we have a program just for you >>!contact/c3kh

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Some times the girls might go out and have a few drinks. Some times you might have just one too many that will lead to a killer hangover the next morning. If this is the case, there are natural and creative remedies that can help cure that hangover so you can enjoy your day. Take some Milk Thistle, ibuprofen and some Vitamin B with lots of good ol h2o or Coconut water is excellent.

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