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Don't forget about Jim. Raising a daughter (who has autism) as a single dad after the love of his life died of cancer when their daughter was just a baby. That's some perseverance. there.

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Presidio Entertainment Credenza

I love the vintage boxes, and historical items, it is proof that it so worth the hunt!

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DIY Show Off

OH man. I love me some industrial shelving. Tips for Making a DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

Now I can watch widescreen TV on a modified '59 Cadillac hood. It will go perfectly with the '59 Cadillac sofa and the VW Bus pool table. Santa better bring a big truck to deliver them all to my house. If Santa brings this yellow Caddie to me, I promise that I'll touch up the paint.

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It really is just so much more than ghosts and monsters. I love this show so much, not cause it has hot actors, funny scenes, and a pretty kick-ass soundtrack. I love it cause it has done so much for me in the year that I've been watching it:) And everything else is just bonus!

Aside from their English meaning, can we take a moment to see what Dean and Sam's names mean in Arabic? Sam means poisonous (which is funny because demon blood) and Dean means faith (which is basically what Dean's problem was like the whole show). And Cas means cup. I don't know what that means

AND THIS IS WHY A SUPERWHOLOCK CROSSOVER NEVER HAPPENED. Dean wouldn't leave the Sasquatch behind, so he didn't go with the doctor. Sherlock was too busy playing with a murder case and missed it. HEADCANON ACCEPTED.<--- this makes me sad... who could accept this sort of headcanon?