• Jacki Whisnant

    How to build a windowsill hydroponic herb garden

  • Cindy Marr

    Use my hands Mother Earth

  • Cozi

    Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating? Remember you can #reuse in many ways to #reduce your trash. Try turning those old toothbrushes into cleaning tools, or junk mail credit cards into pan scrapers, the opportunities are endless! For more tips go to Cozi.com/live-simply. #GoGreen #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle #EarthDay #Green #GiveBack #FreshAir

  • Desh'Se Organic Food Online

    The reason a large number of people are turning to organic food products is because people now understand that organic living is natural living - without chemicals and preservatives. Moreover, now making your switch to organic has become even simpler with the availability of organic food products online. Browse through varieties of organic food products, select what you like and easily buy organic food products online. http://deshse.com/Blog.aspx

  • Kandice Dickinson

    ☛ Healing Hands ☚ hoping

  • Marijke Stellaart

    Beyond the Rain | A society grows great when old men plant trees...

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"No vayas a donde no te inviten, no te metas en lo que no te importa, no hables de lo que no sabes". #Citas #Frases Candidman

Frase de Confucio

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Pero nunca nadie mencionó que hacerte la fuerte te destruía el doble. #frases

El arte de la guerra

〽️ Paulo Coelho

〽️ William Osorio Nicolás

"Valora lo que tienes, supera lo que te duele y lucha por lo que quieres." #Citas #Frases @Candidman

Esta vida da muchas vueltas..❥Teresa Restegui www.pinterest.com...

〽️ Yo no hablo de venganzas ni perdones, el olvido es la única venganza y el único perdón. Jorge Luis Borges

cuando siento que mi pequeña, ya no lo es.....

De negativo a positivo.

Siempre ha sido asi

Frases de Paulo Coelho

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