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    Learn how to brew tea like a pro without being an tea expert :) Re-pin now, check later.

    A Healing Charm | "This is the spell that I intone; Flesh to flesh, and bone to bone; Sinew to sinew, and vein to vein; And [Name or Target] is made whole again!"

    Introducing Samhain to Children - Ozark Pagan Mamma

    Yoga for Kids

    Whether you’re a Celtic Reconstructionist, Druid, or any other kind of Pagan, I hope you find this guide to teaching kids Celtic mythology helpful in some way. Though in traditional Irish culture, ...

    Druids Trees: "The #Greenman,#Cernunnos /Herne the Hunter...Shaman, by CattSparrow.

    How do you know if you're a psychic medium? Learn the signs of mediumship ( not craziness) here!

    The Witches' Ball - A blend of herb and spice essential oils gives The Witches’ Ball a crisp, Autumnal fragrance that’s perfect at this time of year. Sage, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, parsley and clove all combine for a bewitching bathtime experience.

    Autumn Equinox: Mabon Infographic, for the #Autumn #Equinox.

    Preserving and drying flowers is a craft that had been honed over the ages. Hang drying and air drying are traditional methods of this craft.

    Samain: Celebrating #Samhain.

    Witches Brew. This will leave your whole house smelling like fall! Made in a crock pot!

    Wiccan )o(

    Understanding spells Mind body spirit collection

    Magick has never disappeared from the earth. The people of the Earth just forgot what magick is. The entire Earth holds such magick that if we really spent time relearning the ways of our ancestors we would know that we are one. - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

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    Ouija Board Superstitions #ClippedOnIssuu from Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

    Wild Witch: (Usually Hereditary witches and will work on their own (solitaire) or in family groups, similar to, but not as strict in guidelines, as a Coven. They are healers, using things of the Earth to do their healing; including crystals, herbs, oils and potions. They do not usually worship any deities, but worship the Earth and the Moon. Wild Witches are not Wiccan, in fact Wild Witchery is much much older than Wicca. But since the days of old, Wild Witches have worked within villages to hea

    Witchy tip

    How to have an out-of-body experience.


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    Dream of soulmate spell