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Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm Bodies - decent rom-com, as soon as you heard characters' names the plot is given away.

My favourite part from Warm Bodies! Even though R looks hotter with his zombie eyes but no one could not fall for his lines. Just simple and..... perfect.

Warm Bodies Like the thought behind the movie, but this did not seem like a comedy to me.

I love love love R! Super HOT, well in the end at least. While he's a corpse, I suppose he's a pretty good lookin one considering. ;)

Warm Bodies- Love and human interaction makes the lifeless zombies, full of life and human again!!! A sweet, funny, and weird love story

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Warm Bodies | T-Shirt

Warm Bodies yes I need this

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Warm Bodies | V-Neck

Warm Bodies yep thats me on the msu campus