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I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not, because I’m good at being me.

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No longer responding to the b. I really don't care what they have to say. I really don't care how low they stoop or the blows they throw. It's none of my business and it's none of concern.

Wow...this says it so well...on those bad days, after all these years, that is exactly what my husband accomplishes

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Mom I thought you were my bridge and until recently I didn't realize that God has been the bridge we both were under together. I still have the bridge, I'm just missing having you under it with me!

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Too many of us are concerned with what is on the outside that we forget that what truly counts can only be found inside of us...

The most attractive thing should be your heart and how you treat people.

Yes honestly this year I've found those ppl I needed all along.  Even tho they were already there

So true, I love honest and genuine people. I truly dislike people that are fake, selfish, and try to portray victim


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No One is Harder on Me Than Me So Take Your Judgment and Shove it Up – Great Inspirational Quotes

No One is Harder on Me Than Me So Take Your Judgment and Shove it Up - Great Inspirational Quotes

This seems to be appropriate for everyone really. Be kind to yourself.

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Why do I keep pushing people away!

I have a problem where I just.push people away,to the point where I ignore texts and calls and I sit alone at night,wondering why I'm doing it and how I can stop it,but something inside me won't let me

This is to everyone I have went out of my way to ensure they felt included and significant.Years of birthdays, house warming's, BBQ's, birth of children, divorces/break-ups, and just generally being a good person-thanks disappearing when I needed a friend.

How to tell if somebody is genuinely interested in you/values you, etc. (family, friends, etc.): If you removed all of your effort from the equation would any communication remain between you? If not, there is nothing there and you deserve better.