Contains 4 Onesies, 4 Diapers, 8 White Wash Cloths, 4 red "cherry" socks in clear cups with dome lid.

The best way to gift baby clothes

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. This will be the winter knitting project... Now to acquire the perfect yarn. Anyone have any good, affordable sources? baby shower ideas for boys

Baby shower gift idea - bouquet of onesies!

Learn how to make Scooter the Diaper Turtle. Easy Instructions $8.99

Great gift for Baby Shower

This woman has 100s of amazing ways to wrap gifts and crafty things. Check it worth it!

ask barista for a clean cup and lid. stuff with brown and white tissue. slide Starbucks gift card inside :)

bikini Onesie! so cute!!

The new spin on the Diaper Cake is the Diaper Basket. With a Diaper Basket you can add anything you want inside and it looks great – no need to worry about rolling everything!

Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

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Diaper Baby Size 1 Diapers (8-14lbs), Scratch mittens, infant socks, infant hat, 0-3 mth onesie, and a pacifier

Baby shower gift

Ding Dong Diaper Ditch ~ Basically, the Mom gets pampered with a box of diapers without having to entertain guests... Simply leave the diapers on the doorstep, ring the bell….and RUN! What a fun idea :)

These diaper babies, made from infant diapers, baby wash clothes and baby socks - great for baby shower gift

Three onesies in a pod - How cute for a baby shower!

baby shower gift ideas

How To Make Diaper Cakes - using cake pan