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    drunk gummies

    I need to get drunk from gummy bears!

    Drunken Gummy Bears.. 3 days soaking in vodka! (Could do with gummy worms and spiders..... more halloween-y than bears) also... it's kind of the same idea as jello shots

    Vodka Gummy Bear Shots

    Gummy Bears

    Skittle bombs: take bottles of unflavored vodka and packs of Skittles, pick one Skittle colour and put that colour in a bottle. Shake until they dissolve. Freeze to chill before serving. I sense some DANGER comin' on! ;)

    How to Make Drunken Gummi Bears.... perfect for an adult Halloween party.

    Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots | 19 Impossibly Fun Shot Glasses You Can Eat

    "Blackout Bears!" LOL.. Sounds fun! Vodka infused gummy bears!

    (this is how we will sneak alcohol into a park-plus, we can make sure the kids only eat small gummy bears because the big gummies will be soaked with vodka!) vodka gummy bears, jello shots, skittles vodka - all the good recipes here!

    jello shooters with a handle... why the hell didnt i think of this?

    Jolly Rancher Infused Vodka

    JellO-Shots....... Cut an Orange...

    Sounds delish! Ho Ho Punch. Drunk before the family arrives!!! **************************************** INGREDIENTS: 1 bottle champagne 1 bottle ginger ale, chilled 2 (10 ounce) packages frozen strawberries, partially thawed DIRECTIONS: 1. In a large punch bowl, combine champagne, ginger ale and strawberries. Gently stir and serve.

    Genius. Vodka spiked gummy bears. The gummy bears act as a sponge. Put the bears in a glass dish and pour in vodka until the bears of submerged. Cover with plastic wrap. Chill in refrigerator for at least 12 hours and up to 4 days. Obviously, the longer they soak the more vodka they absorb! Whipped cream vodka is a nice choice too!!

    If I were still in college, and didn't have an 8 month old to take care of...I would be making this right now!

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    Strawberry margarita jello shooters!! Looks like a fun summer party idea!