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ca. 1595 Unknown lady attributed to William Segar (City of Kingston-upon-Hull Museum, UK) Previous Next List The wheel farthingale and mammoth puffed sleeves are carried off well in this 1595 Segar portrait. The Wikipedia article for William Segar is here.

1568 Portrait of an Unknown Woman. Unknown Artist (English School) (c) Ninya Mikhaila of Tudor Tailor.

Portrait of an unknown lady aged 21, English School, c.1595-1600. Note especially how her conical ruff is constructed.

Clouet, Francois (1515c.-1572) - 1560s Potrait of Charles IX (Hermitage, St. Petersburg)

Portrait of a Lady holding a Parrot. By an unknown artist of the English School, 1592. Lord Poulett, Hinton St. George, Somerset

Portrait of an Unknown Lady [seemingly pregnant] (c.1595) by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (c. 1561/62–1636), Flemish, worked in the Tudor court. He became a fashionable portraitist in the last decade of the reign of Elizabeth I. He introduced a new aesthetic in English court painting that captured the essence of a sitter through close observation. (wiki) - (lilacs in the door yard)

Elizabeth I as Princess, c.1555. Artist Unknown. Private Collection.

manner of Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, Richard Perceval of Twickenham, Somerset and his wife Alice, daughter of John Sherman of Ottery St Mary, Devon 1599 each portrait later inscribed w the identities of the sitters and emblazoned w their arms

1599 Sophie von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1563-1639)

Lavinia Fontana (Italian painter, 1552-1614) Self Portrait 1595. Cut work partlet.

Portrait of an Unknown Lady Holding a Fan and a Flower (possibly Elizabeth I), unknown artist, c.1590 York Museums Trust

Circa 1596 Unknown Lady by Isaac Oliver-Example of Late Elizabethan raiment.