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    Dr Dee (the original 007) with Elizabeth I.

    The Judd Marriage, 1560 by English School

    Jane Cordell, I need to get a far better image of this... there appears to be a band around her head covering but much detail is lost in this image (angle/size)

    Armour of Lord Buckhurst, the only full suit of English armour in the Wallace Collection, one of the finest surviving 16th-century English armours in the world, probably made around 1587, in the Greenwich workshops established by Henry VIII between 1511-13, at a time when the German, Italian and Flemish masters controlled the bulk of the armour-making industry in Europe. By the second half of the 16th century the armourers at Greenwich ranked as their equals in armour-making skill and design.

    Shakespeare's England » Elizabethan Gardens

    Edmund Parker, Aged 22

    British Library, Harley 5256, f. 9. Detail of a horse litter carrying a lady in a mask. France.

    Lakes, Westmorland, Appleby by jmc4 - Church Explorer, via Flickr

    Man’s arming doublet circa 1550-1650. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Accession Number: 1977-167-240

    Portrait de mariage en miniature

    Francis Talbot, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury, KG (1500–1560)

    Henry Norris 1st Baron Norris of Rycote-When writing of the “goodly house” the contemporary historian William Camden extolled Rycote as “most renowned for that right valiant and warlike progenie” of Henry, 1st Baron Norris of Rycote, and his wife Margery (Camden, Britain, p. 384). The Norrises had six sons, all of whom fought in the armies of Elizabeth I. Five of the six brothers died serving the Queen, all within the lifetime of Lord and Lady Norris. Both were close friends of the Queen.

    Portrait of Doedt van Holdinga (1570-1646), Anonymous, 1598

    Portrait of Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby, K.G. (1531-1593), bust-length, in a black slashed doublet with a lace-trimmed ruff and a fur-lined coat, wearing the Greater George and a black bejewelled hat with a plume


    Gloucester Cathedral

    Sir Thomas Kytson - George Gower (1540 – 1596)

    Mystery portrait of an auburn-haired pregnant woman, hanging at Hampton Court (Gheeraerts, c.1570s). Previously identified as Queen Elizabeth I, now labeled "Portrait of a Woman". Portrait once thought to be of a pregnant Elizabeth I. Any other conspiracy theorists out there who think that Essex may actually have been Elizabeth's and Robert Dudley's natural son?

    Unknown Artist (English School) - Portrait of a Lady Holding a Parrot

    File:English School Portrait of a Gentleman 1586.jpg

    Love her collared partlet. Looks warm.

    Notice seam down back of sleeve

    pipkin, Anonymous, 1600 - 1700 | Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

    Title: Selection of Tudor and medieval implements Description: Selection of Tudor and medieval implements used for personal hygiene and dated between 1200s-1500s. Although medieval doctors were uncertain whether bathing was good for you ('in time of pestilence avoid baths'), objects such as these metal toothpicks, tweezers, earscoops, shears, scissors and razor show that medieval and Tudor Londoners cared about personal grooming.

    upper class baby girl