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Don’t you hate it when you are walking around Walmart, you turn the corner to get to the shoe department then BAM! It hits you in your face like a ton of bricks…someone is taking the last pair of size 10 camo water boots! It leaves a lasting impression that’s for

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29 Times That Walmart Was The Best At Failing

Hey Walmart, you do understand what rolling back means? People of Walmart! - Funny Pictures at Walmart

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Community Post: The Walmartians Have Attacked Yet Again!

Can we say walmart shopper ?!?

Walmart helps shoppers learn how to count to 15 using their fingers. No child left behind and Walmart shoppers are catching up.

Welcome To Walmart. Please Show Us Your Butt. No Pants? No Problem!

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The weird and funny people of walmart

...a Walmart shopper

The Good News Is Now Your Pants Aren't Too Tight - Funny Pictures at Walmart

30 Walmart Shoppers That Are Beyond Messed Up! | Trending.Report - Part 23. Leggings are not pants. Meant to be worn under other things. Not sure if she would care even if she knew...