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    walmart shoppers caught on camera | ... and here funny usdec Funny+walmart+shoppers Funny+photos+of+people+in+

    If I didn't have any pants to wear (or they all had big ass holes somewhere), wear pajamas. Anyway, everyone wears their pajamas to Walmart. It's like the uniform for customers there. words....

    Long Pants Now Available at Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart. Are these people TRYING to get on people of wal mart to get 15 minutes of "fame"? !

    THIS lady has got real balls. I want these pants lol

    OMG... People of Walmart

    Weird shoppers of Walmart | Weird shoppers at Walmart | Perth Now


    oh crap! I shouldn't have cut my hair on meth

    Pants (Literally) On The Ground

    Strange Walmart Shoppers - Funny Pictures at Walmart

    Pretty pink!


    Walmart shopper!

    Must be at Walmart!

    If a fight ends with someone's pants completely falling off then you know it's good

    Can't you just hear her thinking? "Oh man, I really want this nacho-cheese flavored pizza roll, but if my coworkers see me eating it at my desk, I might look stupid."

    Funny: More Walmart People {Part 5}

    and gross

    I swear to God, the very LAST thing I noticed was that this is a man. Omg.

    Must be one of those Walmart shoppers...