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People of Walmart 2014 - People of Walmart - Funny People at Walmart Really Funny things people do at Walmart

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Walmart helps shoppers learn how to count to 15 using their fingers. No child left behind and Walmart shoppers are catching up.

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icky pants haha

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Welcome To Walmart. Please Show Us Your Butt. No Pants? No Problem! - LOOKS LIKE A YOUNG GIRL. WHERE'S HER MOTHER.

Pants should cover your legs AND your butt.

...a Walmart shopper

30 Walmart Shoppers That Are Beyond Messed Up! | Trending.Report - Part 23. Leggings are not pants. Meant to be worn under other things. Not sure if she would care even if she knew...

She needs an extra pair of pants for the second one...

Worst Eyebrows... the "Attention Walmart Shoppers" look

Just decided not to wear pants? In public?

What is with Walmart???

Walmart - pants not required

If a fight ends with someone's pants completely falling off then you know it's good