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    when the time comes for me to get married...I think this is a wonderful idea. ♥

    • Leslie Gibson

      they wanted to pray together, but not see each other before the ceremony. this is so sweet! im def going to attempt to incorporate this in my future wedding

    • Lindsey Weems

      They wanted to pray together before the ceremony but didn't want to see each other. One of the few wedding ideas I'll ever post.

    • Lindalu Simpkins

      @Heidi Haugen Bevel @Hayley Sheldon Bevel One of you need to makes sure you do this and take a picture at your wedding.. It is so sweet, they wanted to pray together, but not see each other, before the ceremony. :)

    • Tonette B

      Praying together before the wedding...without seeing each other! Must Have Wedding Photos - Bride and Groom Wedding Pictures | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide | Photography | Best Pose Ideas

    • Macey Nester

      I don't know why, but seeing this picture kind of choked me up... Seeing two people so in love with God, and so in love with each other that they couldn't enter into the most important day of their lives without praying together... This is probably one if the most beautiful wedding photos I've ever seen..

    • Heather Hickman

      They wanted to pray together before the ceremony but didn't want to see each other. Typically I'm against the groom having any type of interaction with the bride before the wedding, but this is so sweet.

    • Briana McClain

      my mom sent this to me :) she said she wants to get a similar one of Eli and I praying on our wedding day. The story behind the picture is this couple prays every day, and their wedding day would not be the exception, but there's the superstition of bad luck if you see the bride, so that's why she is against the wall. Eli and I pray every night, so this made her think of us.

    • Catherine Chapman

      I lOVE this picture. Bride and Groom praying before their wedding without seeing each other. Look at his face and the way he is holding her hand. They look like they really love God and are not entering marriage lightly. Love love, LOVE. <3

    • Tessica Wooten

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