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Top 10 Gorgeous Garden Ponds

The amount of work that would have gone into this amazing pond is just staggering but what an amazing result

Bodhi Tree Bodh-Gaya, India Probably the most respected and most visited tree in the world grows in India, in Bihar State, in the Buddhist Mahabodhi temple. According to the legend, it is at this point that Prince Siddhartha once attained enlightenment and became Buddha. Of course, the first plant is not preserved. The tree now growing in the temple is a descendant of the original tree once taken to Sri Lanka. According to the Buddhist tradition, a similar tree should grow on the territory…

I need this because it is totally like this childhood pic of me laying like that, reading a book

japanese Zen garden - "An essential factor in any Zen garden is the concept of "Yin and Yang". Buddhists view them as complimentary forces and any Zen garden always contains a Yin and Yang element, though it is crucial to achieve some sort of balance between the two. In any Zen garden landscape the most important natural elements are stones, sand, water and plants"

Soil conservation techniques for hillside farms: Traditional Honduran hill side farming techniques and resulting problems

Ryan likes the color and the look in general (even likes the table). Concerned however that these type of palms would crowd the deck space because they come out and forward. Maybe that is not true.