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Really though. Sit down, shut up and read a book

My best friend has a grade brother and he said that a bunch of girls in his class say they want Niall to be their husband and I was like UM NO

Part of your world--The Little Mermaid

From Disney's The Little Mermaid. This is my favorite disney movie of all time!

Daddy Direction<3<< never forget he saves the day dressed like batman

Funny One Direction quote. If there was really a fire and Liam was dressed at Batman I would say help Liam and he would rescue me.


Yeah, That Ain't Happenin'. End of discussion. (: Zerrie is real, sorry sel

Okay this is really not okay... Seriously? Was that all he was to you?! A topic for a song?!?!?! My faith in you is shaking... I didn't give you hate, even stuck up for you sometimes, but this is pathetic... Please, tell me he was worth more to you than that...

Thanks you big hoe. we just cant wait to hear those songs. directioners will get you.