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Coconut Crab: These crabs are found in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans. Even though they are named "Coconut" Crab, they do not eat coconuts that often. ~ [Wikipedia]

Coconut Crabs: Adult Coconut Crabs feed on fruits, nuts, seeds & the pith of fallen trees but will eat carrion and organic matter opportunistically. ~ [Wikipedia]

The species is largely associated with the coconut, and has been widely reported to climb trees to pick coconuts which it then opens to eat the insides. ~ (Wikipedia) - []

Coconut Crab: It is the largest land-living anthropoid in the world. ~ Wikipedia - []

Coconut Crabs: Coconut Crabs are hunted wherever they come into contact with people and are subject to legal protection in some areas. Coconut Crab meat has been considered a local delicacy. Coconut Crabs are extremely high priced in the national food market. ~ (Wikipedia)

Coconut Crab: The Coconut Crab is the only species of the genus Birgus and is related to the terrestrial hermit crabs of the genus Coenobita ~ [Wikipedia]