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I love how his eye in this shot picks out the brown undertones in her hair and eyebrows, while her green eye picks out the green of Pascal's skin! True artistic balance at its finest!

I never noticed how great her feet look, like she is a cartoon and her toes are all curved in like real feet.

Really like her spirit and courage and comedy in the movie:-)

My favourite part...《other than the ending ;)》x

I love how Pascal is always mimicking what Rapunzel does it reminds me soo much of my parrot. She is seriously my best friend.

PASCAL I LOVE YOU! and your bowtie :)

Awe!!! look at little Pascal holding his breath! So cute :)

Day 2: My favourite princess would be Rapunzel. She is a lot like me and i just love her spunk and her movie is great. I have watched it over 30 times and it is always good. I ❤ Rapunzel