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Obviously not regency, but here are the leading strings mentioned in almost every regency book I ever read. :) "Jeune Gouvernante d'enfant aidant à marcher en enfant fort jeune il est vétu d'un petit hâbit de Matelot mais il est muni d'un Bourlet et porte encore des lisieres", Gallerie des Modes, 1780; MFA 44.1480

England’s upper ten thousand were known as The Ton, from the French phrase “le bon ton,” meaning in the fashionable mode.

Equestrian Fashion Worn by Seriziat in the Regency Era......As the Regency Era began to take hold in society from around 1795 to 1825 men's fashions followed suit. Men's clothing styles began to take on a new look with designs inspired by the French Revolution. Men also began to favor clothing from the equestrian way of life made popular by the English country gentlemen. Icons of fashion at the time were men like Beau Brummel