How to Make a Towel Turtle

How to fold a towel Dog, Duck, Elephant, Turtle, Mouse and Monkey

Towel folding ideas for kids and guests! Just like the cruise ships!

Towel Alligator - the tutorial actually shows how to make 6 towel animals other than the alligator! Learn how to make a bulldog, duck, elephant, turtle, mouse, and monkey. And there are other links also.

How to make a simple washcloth bunny gift (towel animal)

How to make an elephant from towels... Don't need to go on a cruise ship for awesome towel animals!

Towel Polar Bear

Towel Origami. I like this one.

How to Make Cute Puppy from Towel tutorial and instruction. Follow us:

Towel Cake

Valentines day towel animal - hospitality

DIY Towel Bunny You can even make a perrmanent one and add some eyes :D #crafts #easydiy #diy #bunny

Towel Animals & Towel Origami

how to fold big towel seals and baby towel seals plus lots of other animals

TURTLE bowl. if only I could knit or crochet...I would have several of these for little 'catch-alls' around the house on table tops. adorable.

How to Make a Towel Crab

How to Create Bath Towel Animals

Towels Folded Into Cute and Cuddly Shapes - Randommization

DIY Elephant of towels - Nice for a babyshower or birthday

Bear Towel Craft

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