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Everyone Ignored Him And Kept Their Distance, Until A Muslim Man Did Something Beautiful

THE RELIGION OF PEACE: Imam In Tennessee, ‘Jews And Christians Are Filthy, Their Property Belongs To The Muslim’

Destroying a Bible - Huh, doesn't make the news? Christians everywhere - up in arms, burn the embassies, kill non-Christians - oh wait, that is the way of the "religion of peace". Tolerance of Islam, not any other religion.

Lol I love this video on YouTube... LOL!!!! nah nah yah astugfur allah! me, pork, pork hates me. we don't get along! lol!!!!

As explained on , while the photo did show a wedding, the girls were NOT the brides.

'Cheat genital mutilation ban by going abroad': British muslim leader caught on camera advocating female circumcision

What a drama queen "O" is..How was Oprah dressed? If I go in there with blue jeans and a T shirt they tell me the same thing.- I love the D. Dynasty!