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public bathroom FAIL -sad thing is i have had to use a bathroom like this a time or two. lol

I have roadwork on my street and they said it would be done in 3 months its been like 4 and its not even close to finished XD


seriously...take notes people

I can't stop laughing

The designer who forgot the point of having doors on the bathroom stalls. | 21 Designers Who Totally Screwed Up Their One Job


shes so annoying!!

"honey, let's recreate the titanic moment." don't remember rose getting smacked in the face by a bird...

Here are some weird and crazy construction fails that will leave you puzzled. I would like to know all the idiots involved in this

Funny Toilet Paper More amazing and funny stuff at: http://funiest-stuff.com/car-prank-drive-thru-workers-have-hard-life/#_

Best door sign ever.

Bathroom Humor: Why are there TP ads? Right?

Here are some bizarre construction FAILS that will really make you wonder.



hahah but seriously.. i so do this

These 32 People Had ONE JOB… And Failed Miserably Read | 30.) You're sending mixed messages, door.


HAHA! This seriously makes me laugh!! ;)

I cant stop laughing at this...