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Blog of epic Pinterest fails. Hilarious!

it's bound to happen to me! Great reference site for "pin fails". This isn't a site to just laugh and make fun of projects gone wrong, but to help troubleshoot and learn from mistakes.

Pintester- hilarious. I love this. She shares her pinterest "fails".  For those who are offended by the word choice.  Please over look.. the pin tests are good and fun.

Crockpot Dulce de Leche

Pintester: this lady tests Pins so you don't have to mess them up yourself! I love this one & Pinstrosity


Funny christmas quotes - what are your wishes this year? For more funny quotes visit www.

Thankfully I can't figure out how to add the pin it button onto my work computer or I'd be doing a whole lot of other things during the day!!

I Love Pinterest {Curation}

I was going to be productive today. Happens all the time!

I didn't mean to hurt you!

When you accidentally hurt your pet and you're like, "OHMYGOSH, I'm so sorry!" and they walk away so you run after them like, "LET ME LOVE YOU!" Yep, I do this all the time.

The truth to my Pinterest Addiction

Have any Pinterest?

WOW they nailed it---I mean they pinned it!! and so did I!!!!

So true! I had to pin it twice, cuz it was THAT TRUE! My house would be filled to the ceiling if it weren't for electronic Hoarding!

I am a Pinja! ;)  {okay, seriously as soon as I saw "mason jar" and "burlap" I KNEW this was me!! ;D Lol!!!}

no no no, a pinja is what Andy Biersack said that he would be if he had to choose between a pirate and a ninja. but it's says pinja, and it makes me laugh!